Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Monastary of Zaa and Cagliastro's Watch Shop

Monastary of Zaa: Kashmir, India
In my graphic novel, 24 year old Keitaro finds himself at a loss.  Wandering for days without food or water, he finds himself before the grand Bodhisattva.  Almost as if to reach into his soul entirely and ask him The Question, it stares him down with unwavering mystique.

Mr. Cagliastro: The Thief in the Night.
Cagliastro's Watch Shop is a layout I did for a story I am writing about a man who accidentally sold a watch that he never should have.  A Soviet, 1945 Molnja automatic pocket watch.  No sentimental value here, just a special power, is all.  The (un)lucky fellow who bought it seems to always find himself in crazy situations.  Working in the dead of the night or in the bright of the day, Mr. Cagliastro is definitely up to something.

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