Saturday, 9 March 2013

Son Goku's Return to India

Kakfulou - The Son of India

A concept painting for a film I'm working on called "Goku's Return to India." It stars Vegeta and Goku. And you guessed it, it's Goku the vagabond, rags to riches, Monkey King! This is my Goku concept painting.

Kakfulou is what I remember Goku's name being in Cantonese when I was a kid. I hope I got it right. I'm probably wrong though hah!



  1. thats cool man what software do you use?

    1. Thanks mate! For the first illustration of him where he's just smiling I did all my lines in penci (that's why you can still see the hatching), and all my colours in photoshop. For everything else I did all my lines in India ink with a pen and nib, and then coloured again in photoshop. And for the animation, I did all the drawing on paper in pencil, all the colours in photoshop, and all the compositting in After Effects. The sounds I had to sorta magician together from video games and old Dragon Ball Z episodes. Hah, and as you may have guessed, the shoddy voices are my own. Hope this answers what you're looking for!

      Oh, and if you're into animation-specific software, check out a program called TV Paint. It's amazing and free I think. Really easy to use. That little 4 second pencil test I did was in TVP.