Saturday, 21 July 2012

You Have Been Equalised!

Henkakusha (変革者) : The Revolutionary
My propaganda poster for the sickest bad guy around, Legend of Korra's Amon! "Henkakusha" (変革者) means "The Revolutionist." Befitting of our anti-hero.

On the poster:

To protect peace, you have to fight!!
Join Amon's political party! The scum that is the Benders have divided life! The cause of every war has been the fault of Benders! Know the difference between war and peace! Join Amon's political party, and take back your freedom!!

The surrounding text that looks like boarders is "Take back your freedom!!" repeated over and over.

Going without necessary saying, Avatar rocks my socks.  I did this after the season finale of Legend of Korra.  And here are some alternates.  It's kind of neat.  Sort of like when Aang had to train with the Guru to master Avatar state.

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