Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ironman - The Blitzkrieg Hero

Ironman - Blitzkrieg Hero Armour
Ever wonder what it'd be like if Howard Stark used Arc Reactor tech and joined Captain America in the fight against Red Skull?  Look no further!

This is my original concept of Ironman, Blitzkrieg armour.  I was going for a Joe Mad style for this piece: His brand new Avenging Spiderman is coloured panels with leveled pencils.  Damn, it's grimy!

Concept Montage of Blitzkrieg Hero Armour

Leveled Pencils

TRON Alternate: Just for fun

I was thinking of a movie I watched when I was a kid called "The Rocketeer" and it inspired me to make this version of the suit.  It's more like gear to add on, as opposed to a suit of armour to get into.  More closely fitted to the body, and has cavities that are unprotected.  The Arc powers the cannon, the back thrusts, and the helmet.  The helmet also has exhaust vents to let out steam when the helmet overheats.

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