Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Pelicans

I remember one rainy day I was on a bus, and a mysterious fellow walked on.  He had a perfectly fitted suit, long silly shoes, and wild blue hair.  His face was covered in chrome piercings.  I tried not to pay attention to him, but I found it impossible.  As I ended up on a train, I noticed that the strange man was already there.  His appearance isn't what mesmerised me.  No.  I couldn't get over the fact that no one had taken notice to him.
"The Pelicans" is what I called them.  This man was of a few, and I met one of his comrades during another rainstorm.  Just as I expected; not a single person took notice.  It was almost as if he, or "they," were not supposed to be.
I've spent a long portion of my life in search of The Pelicans, but I know now that they can't be sought after.  Just wait.  They will come.