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Think Here - DRAFT 1

Think Here - DRAFT 1

Ziq - The final shot of the film

For all of you who believe you are an artist - whether it be of a visual, literary, musical, or martial nature - you should heed these words, "Take a step back, and take a deep breath."

This film is about keeping yourself in check.  We can't, no matter how much we love our work, let it eat us alive.  Sometimes taking a step back away from our work to clear our minds is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

PREMISE: Jewels is ready to give up on his work out of frustration, and Ziq (among things) won't let him leave the apartment.

NOTE: Ziq's power in this film is that he can bring any drawing to life with a simple touch.


Jewels' desk: Design by Naseer Pasha

Jewels Kweli
Final Character Line Up

SETTING - Jewels' messy, small, cluttered apartment.  Here we see Jewels' surroundings, personality, and frustration with his work.
SHOT 1: Jewels is scratching away on a paper at his drafting desk.  Here we see a close up on his eyes, brows furrowed in irritation.
CUT: CREDITS 1 - "Seneca College Presents"
CUT: Medium shot of Jewels back side, while he is on the phone.
Sorry mate, no, n-not tonight.  I got some stuff to finish.
CUT: CREDITS 2 - "Directed by/produced by," etc.
CUT: Close up on Jewels' crappy drawing that's not working out.  Cut to a close up of his eyes getting increasingly angry.  Cut to a medium shot of Jewels finally exploding with frustration.
Guuh! That's it!..
CUT: CREDIT 3 (Last credit) - "Think Here."


The entire rest of the film is Jewels trying to get away from his work, literally.  His work comes to life and physically won't let him leave.  This is the basis of our film, a metaphor for being so attached to your work that you can't (literally) leave.

CUT: Jewels is leaving his messy drafting desk where all his unfinished work is.  There rests a Kit Kat bar, among other junk stuff, at his work area.  Jewels is getting up to put on a shirt so he can leave his apartment for a break.  As Jewels gets the shirt and proceeds to the door of his no bedroom apartment, he stops because he hears a voice, Ziq (who is one of his unfinished drawings on the drafting table).

Oh come on, brother.  You call this finished?  What am I supposed to do about my legs?
Jewels takes a second to grasp what he is hearing, pauses, and answers.
...Ah?..Wuu....? (inarticulate noises)

In confusion, he freezes.  Not because it's ridiculous that his drawing is talking to him, but because he thinks that he really should finish the drawing of Ziq before he goes out for a break.  Jewels walks over to the table, finishes the drawing of Ziq, and finally (with a weighty sigh of relief) puts his marker down and heads to the door once more.  As Jewels turns from his desk, he is unaware that Ziq has come to life off of the page.  Back turned and heading towards the door, Jewels is oblivious that Ziq touched one of the unfinished drawings nearby, and brought it to life; a young girl with no nose, ears, or pupils.  Jewels, now at the door handle, stops in his tracks before the seductive, half headed girl, Jessabelle.
(Seductively, like Jessica from Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Oh come now, fella, don't you want to make me happy? I've been wanting your big, strong arms, to finish me for a long time now (touches Jewels hands and slides up towards his biceps, and finally his face).  Why don't you come over here and lay some ink on me.  I just want some pretty eyes to go along with a pretty nose.  Oh, and of course, some lovely earrings to go on my new ears, sugar.  (Holding Jewels' hand and pulling him back to the desk)  Whaddaya' say? (Flutters eyes - with no eyelashes).

As Jewels is close to finishing the new and improved Jessabelle, he notices that little forest gremlins (some of his older, crappier drawings - The Kodama) are calling his name.

*The Kodama (crappy drawings)
Hey! Listen!  Hey! LIIIISTEEEEEN!

Jewels looks, for the first time, in shock at the site of these little guys, all surrounding his feet. He tries to ignore them to finish Jessabelle's eyes, but fails at it.

*The Kodama
(Now, climbing his limbs and biting him like mosquitoes) What about us! You promised to finish us a month ago!  We need colour!
At this point, Jewels has had it.  He is fed up and dusts off the Kodama kids, leaves Jessabelle unfinished (only one eye was complete), and heads to the door in absolute stress.  However, he is stopped one final time.  In front of the door is Ziq, with a twisted smile on his face.

Uh unnnnnnnnnnnnhhh (shakes head "no")

Ziq ducks out of view to reveal the exit door.  However, the exit door is now blocked off by two massive guardian spirit deities with swords.  The swords come slicing down (one from a painting from the upper left of the door, and one from the upper right) and make a cross together, thus, blocking the door once and for all.  Until now, Jewels was compelled to stay because he was convinced.  Now, however, he has no choice.  His work literally won't let him leave.

Jewels is backing away from the door in terror as the two guardians march towards Jewels, wordlessly.  His drawings in the background continue to bicker, saying "Finish us!"

As Jewels is trying to manoeuvre around his apartment to get around the guards and make a break for it, Ziq rushes over to a large closed sketch book and flips it open, bringing life to many unfinished drawings.  Being after being is coming to life as the pages turn, while Ziq rushes over to some hanging paintings and drops them with a single touch.  As the slam to the ground, they come to life.

In the midst of all this chaos, the drawings actually start fighting among themselves, a "No I want to be finished," "no I DO!" sort of fight.  That is Jewels' secret weapon to get out, the distraction.  He makes way for the door and we cut to Ziq.  Taken aback because he didn't anticipate the chaos, Ziq slams his hand on a table.  His hand (a black shadow) starts spreading like roots along the table.  In its path it touches all drawings on the table, bringing each to life.  From here on out, the "viral infection" continues about the room, making it ever darker.

As Jewels finally touches the door handle, the room goes silent for a fraction of a second as all the drawings stop in their brawl to see what Jewels is doing.  Jewels looks over his shoulder to see that they've unified and are marching to him.  One too many fidgets with the door handle leaves Jewels in a bad place; the drawings grab him and bring him right to Ziq. (Note: In the background, the viral infection is still spreading around the room).

Now, face to face with Jewels, Ziq takes Jewels right hand and over powers it to the drafting table one last time and forces him to draw.  Draw, draw, draw, is what is being chanted in the background.  As he sits at the desk before a blank sheet of paper, he sneakily looks to his side without turning his head.  The infection is coming closer and closer to his table.  Jewels, in a final act of desperation, quickly draws a bomb on the page with an unlit fuse.  The infection touches the page, sets the fuse, and Jewel makes a run for it as it explodes.


CUT: Exterior, Jewels' apartment (the hallway).  Jewels is now finally out the door.  He takes a breath.
CUT: Same location, different angle.  Jewels is sitting on the floor, back braced against the door, eating a Kit Kat bar.

CUT: Interior of Jewels' apartment.  Everything is back to its normal clutter.  With clear loud footstep SFX, Jewels slowly walks over to his desk, takes a seat, and picks up his pencil.
CUT: Medium wide, Jewels backside, scratching away calmly on a fresh piece of paper at his drafting desk.

CUT: 3/4 Close.  Jewels' eye direction, originally straight down at his page, slightly shifts over to the right (signifying that he is looking at the corner of his page now).  His mouth opens slightly as if to say, "Huh?"

CUT: A tiny, somewhat silly drawing of Ziq is in the left corner of the page.  It's hand starts to move ever so slightly.  To this, Jewels draws a box around Ziq, and outside of that box writes, "Think here."


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