Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ms.Mean - The Ambassador of the World

Introducing Ms.Mean, the world's only ambassador.  A wild child, much like Mogli from the Jungle Book, she wandered into a forest one day and met a great beast.

Introducing Grah, the heart of Earth.  An ancient spirit, as old as earth itself.  The beast's soul and mind is one, but its body was separated into 17 bodies scattered throughout the globe, each in the heart of the world's greatest rainforests.  One forest's pain was for them all to remember.  As was love; an almost impossible thing for them.

No humans were ever aloud into the forests.  Time and time again, they proved to be corrosive.  So all the Grah spirits always made sure to boot them out, and protect the balance of nature.  However, a young child once wondered into the forest.  Through her benevolence, the great forest of Nicaragua fell in love with her.  Sadly, her time in this world had to come to an end, and once again, no man could ever step foot on the sacred soil. 

It is over 300 years later, and the Heart of Earth is in danger.  They had entered a war.  That war was clear cutting, and the enemies were the human race.  It was at this time that a lost girl, with no family, wandered into the Bolivian rainforest. 

Something about her kind smile and innocence revived that love that once flourished in the Nicaraguan jungles, and the forest cradled the child. 

The girl took up a legacy,without realising that she entered a war that would decide the fate of the entire world.  Ms.Mean, as she liked to be called, had an important task ahead of her; to win the war of the worlds.  As the Grah forests were losing the battle to the humans, their last chance was to send Ms.Mean as an ambassador.  To protect the green of the earth was her message, and her mission. If the minds of the people could just be changed, then there would be no fight, and peace would soon follow.


But as the wars raged on, it proved too much for her.  Ms.Mean lost her life, fighting for life itself.

And so, in an ultimate act of love and kindness, Grah offered her frozen body his own heart; an ancient fruit that could restore the life of anything.  As its warm resonance restored the warmth to her body, her eyes opened and she ate the fruit.  Thus, the great Bolivian forest dried up and died, leaving its memories to the rest of the world's forests, and Ms.Mean homeless once more.

And so for the next five years, Ms.Mean sought refuge in Africa.  And she is back.  With a mask so frightening and a cape so heroic, she takes her staff, the only remaining living piece of Grah's Bolivian forest, and strikes it into the city streets of New York.  And from it would come about the first real Green Revolution.
Hey guys, this is a story I wrote for my final semester of Character Design in Animation.  I wrote it up as a fairytale, but I envision it to be a high budget, classically animated film.  These times are vicious, and consumerism is a parasite.  I know that we need these things around us to survive, but there's a great difference between necessity and aviator glasses.  Being a person who is connected to the Earth, it's only natural that I'd write a story like this. 

Our final test was to make a maquette out of our design.  My teacher looked at the complicated design for Grah the Heart of Earth, and just smiled.  He said it'd be some serious work.  As I explained my story more in depth, it became clear that the main character was no longer the spirit, rather, the little girl, Ms.Mean.  And being the kinda fellow I am, I can't settle for less.  I can't have my maquette, my trophy for goodness sakes, be that of a simple kid.  So I built them together.  You can see through my progress shots that it was a blast, and that I will definitely be doing this again in the future.  Time: Four sittings to sculpt, four sittings to paint.

Just imagine it; some people get to wake up in the morning to go to work and do this kinda thing for a living!  What a life, eh?

Grah, The Heart Of Earth
Finished Sculpt
Grey Primed

Green Sprayed
Finished Grah Paint
Finished Landscape Paint
The fruit umbilical chord was done with thread, yellow acrylic, and hot glue for the gloppy look

 Thanks for looking!

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