Thursday, 22 December 2011

For What it's Worth

This is a film idea.  One of many and many to come.  Thanks for looking!
We all need to make decisions in life.  Sometimes, they are a little darker than we realise.  But it's always under the same guise, what's it all worth?

"To be successful," he'll certainly tell you, "is to live for yourself without any borders."

But what if I didn't want it anymore. What if I'd lost so much in the midst of being the best that I wanted to just say, "F*ck off" to everything and everyone.

My last ode was to tag parliament.  To die a patriot, really.  I just stayed, I'd have to take it all in.  My failures, the now memories of success.  I would just be a nobody in a crappy apartment, all over again.

But if I do this, and I mean do it right, I could go down a legend. A legend, for goodness sakes.  And isn't that the ultimate prize?  Women?  Family?  Friends?  That shit doesn't work out in real life!  The only people I need to be respected by is they, my audience.  And I, the ultimate entertainer will give my final show tonight. 

So this script takes place in a country with a totalitarian dictatorship.  This starving artist, going through a life of mishaps and semi-successes, contemplates whether to leave his life and start over once again with his friends and family, or say 'screw it all' and see his craft to the very end; he's suffered and lost so much already, why not go out on a high note?  By going all the way, it would be to die by gunfire at the doors of parliament for graffiti tagging the front doors. 

Again, I have written quite a bit of this already, but leaving it open ended vs. a concrete ending is up to us all. 

*Ending 1: As the conversation gets more and more enticing, and the devil's advocate becomes more and more convincing, Jewels (in the mind set that he is trying to start over and leave this dark life) takes one last look at his doorway.  There are two duffel bags there; one has all the things he needs to leave and start over, the other has his spray paint equipment in it. He looks at both pejoratively and reaches for one.  We don't see which one he reaches for.  As the credits roll to an end, we see a final scene where jewels has a can in his hand in front of the dark doors of parliament.  He closes his eyes and takes one deep breath.  He opens them, and the film comes to an end.

Ending 01

*Ending 2: Is the same as ending one, except that during the credit roll, we hear a several news casters on different channels giving live reports about some guy creating a huge work of vandalism, others saying art, others saying a public statement, etc, and how thousands are at the scene in awe.  And the final scene at the end of the credits is his backside, only turning around with a smile to the sounds of guns cocking and spot lights.  He does the Robert Downey Jr. "I am God" pose at this point, revealing the grand work of art (and maybe it could be a really meaningful tag.  Like an image or a single word that embodies our message).      
Ending 02 (Right to Left)

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